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Smaa Egypt Contracting and Water Technology Company was established in the early nineties as a company specialized in executing electromechanical works for swimming pools, artificial lakes, waterfalls, fountains and jacuzzis.

  • The main objective

    The first goal for all the company's employees is to provide a distinguished and different service to all its customers to reach the degree of complete customer satisfaction, starting with providing the best designs, passing through the commitment to the quality of implementation of what has been designed.

  • Professional conscience

    Provide the best after-sales services, excellent goods and services rental services, excellent services, and suitable services for marketing.

  • Our faith

    And since we believe that the swimming pool has become indispensable in all private and public facilities, not only because of its importance in terms of sports and entertainment, but also because of the economic value it adds to the place in which it is established, we have set before our eyes the goal of having a swimming pool in all old and modern facilities so that The difficult equation (the highest quality at the lowest cost) is achieved.





Our Team

Our Team

Eng. Sobhy El-Neanaey


The Customer is always right, and our main aim is to obtain his satisfaction and this is the source of our happiness

Mrs Gihan Kamal


Competent and respected employees are the real strength of the company and the source of its pride. We are happy with our employees and they are happy with us.

Eng. Mohamed Sobhy


The competition is exhausting, but we are distinguished by achieving the difficult equation, the highest quality at the lowest cost, and this is the secret of our superiority

Chemist/ Ayman Awni


Usually there is a competitive nature when dealing with companies similar to your same activity .. But when dealing with SMAA, I did not find this .. They are characterized by trust, integrity and a spirit of cooperation

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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

• Pool water should be shock chlorinated every 2-4 weeks, depending on bath load.
• Always dose chemicals in the evening after the last bath.
• Do not mix chemicals with each other, nor different types of chlorine.

When the “free” chlorine reacts with organic matter, it turns into something called “bound” chlorine, and that’s when you feel a so- called “chlorine smell”.

No, not as long as the levels for pH, chlorine, total alkalinity, calcium hardness and cyanuric acid are kept within recommended val- ues.
Normally only a small amount of water needs to be replaced.
New water is normally added to replace the water that is washed away during the regular backwash of the sand filter.

No, the pump function is to circulate the pool water.
The flow is important for your pool to work optimally and a larger pump than necessary does not give better purification.
It is important that the pump, filters, skimmers and inlets are dimensioned relatively to each other.
Only a larger pump does not give better cleaning, it only increases water flow through the filter, which leads to poorer filtration and higher energy consumption.

No it’s just another way of adding chlorine.
No manual addition of chlorine needs to be done when production of chlorine is via a salt chlorinator.
You still need to measure your chlorine level just as in a normal chlorinated swimming pool.
Even salinity need to be kept at a recommended level.